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Conference: Successful cultural heritage immersive experiences

  • 15 December 2020
  • 16 December 2020

How to best exploit immersive digital technologies (XR) in order to make new audiences, including young people, want to (re)discover the History behind their city and its monuments? How to increase the cost-effectiveness and visibility of heritage tourism while respecting hygiene measures? This conference will be in the form of a study tour of what exists in terms of cultural heritage experiences.
Organized in partnership with INTAJ212.

In response to these questions, a new generation of heritage experiences is now emerging. These new experiences are more immersive, edutaining, participatory, connected and sometimes even multi-sensory. These new cultural activities, inspired by the world of leisure, entertainment, technology and gaming, allow visitors to become active participants in a new time and space journey.

During this conference, you will go behind the scenes of the transformation into an experience of certain heritage sites and discover cultural innovators who have been involved in the strategy, design and/or realization of successful heritage attraction projects. You will discover the genesis of their strategy but also the challenges they faced during the realization, production and implementation of these innovative experiences.